Saturday, July 30, 2011

Auckland Trip (the country mouse goes to town)

Last week my husband had a business meeting in Auckland, and as it was school holidays and I wasn't working he asked if I'd like to come and go shopping. Well yes of course!

He knew I had been wanting to go to The Ribbon Rose in Ellerslie so he dropped me off there to start my day.
This is an incredible shop and if you haven't been before I'd allow at least an hour to look at everything. Just when you think you have seen everything, you find another room with more goodies. It was really hard to decide what to buy as I loved everything.
My purchases
In the end I bought some bias cut silk ribbon as I have never used this and I'm interested to see how it makes flowers compared to straight grain ribbon. Then these great specialty thread packs by Jane Van Keulen, and lastly I couldn't leave the perle cotton behind as they were in a bargain pack, 6 for the price of 2.

As my husband had a work vehicle (I'm not allowed to drive it) I had to use public transport. I had a little adventure travelling around Auckland.
The train leaving Ellersile Station, taken from the foot bridge over the motorway.

Off the train at Britomart
 I really enjoyed the trains, and the conductors were really friendly and helpful. They have incredible memories too, every stop the passengers played musical chairs to get better spots but the conductors still could work out the new people who had boarded the train and needed to buy a ticket. Doing that for one carriage would do my head in, but they were doing it for several carriages!

Britomart. All you have to do is go up the elevators and you are in Queen St.
Here's some more photos from the rest of my day.

I crossed the road to get the ferry to Devonport, as I waited I shared a biscuit with the sparrows

The Seagulls were jealous, but I like the Sparrows better so they missed out!

The Ferry coming into to Auckland.

On the ferry looking back at down town Auckland

When I got off the ferry this was waiting, but I decided to walk around Devonport. 

Window shopping at the toy shop. (Hey Lynne, Ron would love this!)

And here's the shop I had come over to see

I only purchased a small fabric pack, but it is an amazing shop.

Wandering around I found an emporium (Ike's I think) and bought some braids

Then I found an Op shop (thrift shop) and got a bit carried away buying wool

On the ferry ride back I thought this new building on the waterfront looks like a caterpillar.
 I'm guessing it is 'party central' for the Rugby World Cup. 
 It was a nice day out and next time I might get braver and go on buses too!


  1. oh what a fun day, Leeann! I've never been to Britomart (but heard about it) thanks for sharing pics. Love your purchases...what's the plan for them?
    (Not that we need one of course LOL!!)

  2. I think I will make baby socks or booties with some of the wool the rest going into the stash at the moment!

  3. Lucky you, a visit to two nice quilt shops and a ride on the train. (I love trains and actually went on a train ride to Wellington this week. See for my train pics.) Hope you had time for a nice lunch somewhere, or at least a cup of coffee.

  4. What a lovely day! Thanks so much for sharing with us!!


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