Friday, June 11, 2010

Encrusted Crazy Quilting

I'm doing an online Crazy Quilting class 'Encrusted Crazy Quilting'. The tutor is Sharon B of 'Pin Tangle'. This is the first online class I have taken and I quite like the format. Lessons are posted once a week and then there is a forum to ask questions, and see other students work.

Here are my blocks 'naked' without embellishment. As I do more to them I will post update pictures. The 'white' fabrics are actually pale pink and cream! They didn't photograph well.

Have you taken any online quilting classes? What where they? Did you enjoy them? Leave a comment and tell me about your experiences.


  1. I love the beginning of your crazy patchwork, I will be watching your progress with interest.
    Happy Quilting Liz

  2. I will keep watch on how these turn out, they are looking nice. Will you do your stitching by hand or on the machine?

  3. Hi Leeanne I have machine stitched these blocks to their foundations. But I will be hand stitching the embellishments. Then will go back to the machine to piece blocks together and add borders etc

  4. This looks like fun. Where do you find online classes? Claire

  5. What a neat class! I love your crazy quilt block. I took a course at Quilt University on a mini landscape. I loved it!

  6. Hi Claire heres two places to find online classes there are more but I can think of them at the moment! If you do a google search you will find more.

  7. Thanks Leeann. Will check them out. I have had a play with the EQ7. A great programme and will have to spend some time on it to figure out what I am doing.

  8. I took Carol Miller's online quilting class at - Excellent! You would love it! Teaches quite a bit. I have taken EQ classes on Quilt University also. I have never been disappointed in one class I've taken online at Quilt University!

  9. Leeann I have taken two classes with Sharon B -- her Personal library of stitches and Sumptuous Surfaces and loved them both--This week I will be starting a class with Christen Brown-- Scrumptous Scraps this one is Silk ribbon-- cant wait for it to start--all at joggles.
    Kiwi Jan
    Jan Cotton


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