Thursday, June 3, 2010

I've Been Playing...

...with EQ7. Haven't done much yet (not much time), but thought you would like to see something. So I have made a few little quilts using the new 'Clip and Flip' feature. With this you start with a block and then EQ7 cuts it into quarters, the clip part and flips these units around to make new blocks.


So each quilt has the starting block in top left hand corner, and then I used 'clip and flip' to create the other blocks. There are many more combinations for each block I just picked four I liked to make these little quilts.


I've used the sashing between these little 4 block quilts, so you can easily see each new block. Now lets try picking 2 blocks and combine them without sashing

I think the possibilities are endless so that's it for now, I better go and cook dinner!

For everyone waiting for their EQ7 to be delivered, I hope you enjoyed this quick peek at 'Clip and Flip'.


  1. Thanks for showing us ! I haven't got mine yet but it looks amazing!

  2. Amazing technology. Happy 'playing' and quilting.

  3. I had a little play with mine when I loaded it. It is all new to me so still learning how to use it.

  4. Love the last one! Wish I could buy this software...don't you think they should make it a little more affordable! We love fabric too much to pay that

  5. Wow. Looks like you've been having fun and being creative. Amazing designs. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Thankfull for showing us this :-) I won an EQ7 and have never been using this. I've just tried out but find it best to start reading the book so I may understand more. It helps when you show some too :-)

  7. Love your examples, Leeann. I didn't think it was possible to improve much more on EQ6, but there is so much new fun in this latest version! I'm afraid I'm never going to finish learning everything there is to learn here!

  8. Leeann,

    You have just made it so much harder to wait!

    Judy B

  9. That looks fantastic, can't wait to get mine.

  10. Leeann, Looks great have fun playing.

  11. Can't wait to get mine, and I loved seeing all of the various creations!

  12. Thank you for showing us how the clip and flip feature works. Now I really can't wait for my copy of EQ7 to arrive!


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